Will You Support Us With $5 or $10 A Month?

If you love Lake Hopatcong and want to keep it a healthy and safe lake for everyone to enjoy, become a member of the Lake Hopatcong Foundation. Your support helps us to continue our programs and initiatives. Membership donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law; the LHF is an IRS-registered 501c3 nonprofit organization.

The easiest way to support us is to do so online and choose reoccurring gift. Consider giving us a monthly donation of $5.00 or $10.00. With this type of sustainable giving, we can guarantee that things run smoothly. Become a #LOLr (Love Our Laker)

If your company matches employee donations, fill out the paperwork. You instantly double your dollars!

Membership dollars help us to continue and expand our programming and initiatives. Did you know that some of the grants we apply for require us to show how many members we have? And quite a few of the grants we receive require us to match those dollars? Without a solid membership base, we aren’t eligible for grants. If our fundraising events aren’t widely attended, we fall short on matching those grant funds.

It’s super easy to become a member, gift the gift of membership or renew your membership through our secure website form.

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