Ongoing Trail Maintenance Areas

Volunteers are needed to maintain the Lake Hopatcong Trail. If you would like to adopt a section of the trail to maintain, please see the trail sections below and contact to add your name to the list for that section. Trail maintainer forms and instructions will be provided.

Trail Sections:

Beginning to B: Hopatcong State Park to Hopatcong Senior Center

B to C: Hopatcong Senior Center Spur to Hilltop Field Complex Spur

C to D: Hilltop Field Complex to the Middle School

D to E: The Middle School to Hopatcong High School

F to I: Veterans Field Spur to Highlands Trail (NOT including Durban Ave. School Spur)

G – Durban Ave School Spur to Main Trail

H – Leo Avenue Spur to Main Trail

K to J: Camp Trail Spur to Brooklyn Mountain Road

J – Brooklyn Mountain Road Spur to Main Trail 

I to Maxim Drive (also Highlands Trail) 

Maxim Drive to L – Mountain Inlet

L – Mountain Inlet Spur

L to M: Mountain Inlet to Prospect Point Preserve