Courtesy Patrols in Byram Cove

Courtesy Patrols in Byram CoveThe Lake Hopatcong Foundation has been assessing a program of courtesy patrols in Byram Cove to educate people about the “Lake Hopatcong for All” guidelines that were created by a voluntary group of lake users including homeowners, boaters, and anglers.  We display a Lake Hopatcong Foundation Courtesy Patrol banner to ensure that a navigational corridor around the cove is maintained to try to prevent any safety issues.  By maintaining a navigational corridor, boats are able to enter and exit the cove safely while also providing a little space for homeowners.  It is a completely non-confrontational effort and to date has been very well received.

Volunteers Needed

Our goal is to be able to have our courtesy patrols out every Saturday and Sunday afternoon until Labor Day.  If you would like to volunteer (with or without a boat) we would love to have you join the team.  All new volunteers will be teamed with a more experienced member.  It is a nice way to have a fun day on the lake and help ensure that everyone is able to enjoy Lake Hopatcong.


Lake Hopatcong for All Guidelines

Lake Hopatcong for All