Making Lake Hopatcong a Classroom

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation designs full-day field trips, especially for fourth- and fifth-graders in our area, and hosts them at Hopatcong State Park. During their visits, students are given an opportunity to discover the lake by boat and its surroundings on foot.

The New Lake Hopatcong Floating Classroom

New for the Spring of 2018, the Lake Hopatcong Floating Classroom will hold up to 40 passengers, allowing the LHF to bring full classes of  students onto the lake to provide a hands-on experience to learn about fresh water ecology and how to help protect our lakes.  The new vessel will have scientific equipment right on board to provide a hands-on adventure for learning all about Lake Hopatcong and the watershed that is vital to its health.

Geography, Ecology and Safety

In addition to the floating classroom, programs are offered on watershed protection – with a hands-on Enviroscape model,  stream health – with macro-invertebrate sampling and a discovery nature hike, exposing students to the many important and unique aspects of Lake Hopatcong.

The lessons provided are consistent with New Jersey Next Generation Science Standards, so students will be equipped to bring what they learn about the lake environment and history back into their classroom.

Nearly 800 fourth- and fifth-grade students are lined up to participate in our educational field trips this spring. Inquiries for participation in the 2019 field trip program will be accepted later this year, after the Foundation has had a chance to evaluate the spring program.