Lake Hopatcong Train Station

The purchase of the historical Lake Hopatcong Train Station, in the fall of 2014, turned the page on an exciting new chapter for the Lake Hopatcong Foundation and the entire lake region. In addition to serving as the home of the Lake Hopatcong Foundation, the station will serve future generations as a center for educational and cultural programming.  Its completion will be a testament to the strong support from Morris County, the State of New Jersey, a host of private grants, the very generous donation of services and supplies by local craftsmen and vendors, and the generosity of so many within the Lake Hopatcong community.

The Lake Hopatcong Station is one of the most iconic buildings in our community, linking us with the era when the lake was a great northeast resort and thousands arrived by train weekly headed for their hotel, camp site, or cottage. The building, located in Landing, has lasting meaning for many lake residents, past and present, and has long been a central part of the history of the lake. The purchase by the LHF ensures its rehabilitation in the present, and preservation for future generations. It will also be a major part of the overall revitalization of Landing, which serves as a gateway to the lake.


Ongoing Restoration Efforts

The train station was first added to the National and State Register of Historic Places and a historic preservation plan was completed and restoration efforts began in 2015.

The first phase of work addressed structural issues and masonry repairs. Internal structural work was completed in spring 2016, followed by masonry work on the stone parapets. Replacement of the original green Spanish tile roof was launched with a $216,000 grant from the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust, and was completed in early 2017. The tiles were supplied by Ludowici Roof Tile Company of New Lexington, Ohio who also had manufactured the original tiles in 1911.  Work then moved to the interior of the building with plumbing, electric and utilities work. New windows and a new front door were installed as well.

Outside, a native plant garden was planted on the adjoining grounds. The American Chestnut Foundation contributed to the project by providing five seedlings of American chestnut trees, once the predominant tree in the Lake Hopatcong area.  Volunteers also created a gravel walkway through the gardens and two benches have been installed along the path to add a quiet place to sit and enjoy the gardens.

Interior work continued through the winter of 2018.  February saw the plaster walls restored to the waiting room or great hall area. The walls were followed by electric conduits and new floors in the left portion of the building which will serve as our offices and visitors center.  This brought the building up to accessibility standards as the floor is now all the same height as the wonderful original terrazzo floor which remains in the great hall area.

The close of 2018 brought the completion of the kitchen, bathroom and office spaces, wrapping up the first stage of the rehabilitation project and allowing our staff to move in to our new office space just before the start of the new year.

We would like to thank the entire Lake Hopatcong community for their tremendous contributions to the progress we have made to date. The train station project is ongoing and will be completed with the support of additional grants, in-kind services from local craftsmen and generous donations from the public. Donations to the Lake Hopatcong Train Station Capital Campaign can be made below.

Lake Hopatcong Train Station Capital Campaign

Those who give at the recognition levels of $1,000 or more will be permanently recognized within the train station, but all donations are very much appreciated and will be appropriately acknowledged. Every dollar received will go toward restoration of the historic building and hasten its opening to the community.

Donate Now

Buy a Miniature Train Station

Purchase a miniature Lake Hopatcong Train Station, created in a limited quantity by Lilliput Lane Model Stations of England, for the Lake Hopatcong Foundation. Each train station, measuring 4″ by 2 1/2″ by 2 1/2″, is cast in Amorphite, hand-painted, and nestled in a gift box with an official Lilliput Lane deed. These beautiful miniature models are available for $100 each and a purchase will help the LHF train station project stay on-track.

Purchase Station Model

“The opportunity to restore a historical structure, create a community center, enhance the Landing ‘gateway’ area, and establish a permanent space for the Lake Hopatcong Foundation was just too compelling. We’re eagerly looking forward to the day when this amazing building is our home and we are regularly hosting exhibits and events in such a beautiful space.”

–Jessica K. Murphy, LHF president