Five-Foot Drawdown – Timeline and Procedures

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This year, the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection will be moving forward with its five-year, 60-inch drawdown procedure to allow access to waterfront structures for inspection and maintenance. Residents can contact Hopatcong State Park at 973-398-7010 to inquire about needed permits for work to waterfront structures. The drawdown also allows for cleanup of the lakebed …

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Hundreds of Volunteers Needed for Lake-Wide Cleanup on Nov. 3

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A car dashboard, a mannequin, a lawn mower, and silverware were among the thousands of items pulled from the Lake Hopatcong shoreline the last time the lake was lowered five feet, in 2013. As the lake community prepares for another 60-inch drawdown this fall, the Lake Hopatcong Foundation is once again calling for volunteers to …

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Information About the Annual Lake Hopatcong Drawdown

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The NJ State Park Service has requested we share the following information. Please note: the foundation has no control over the water level at Lake Hopatcong. “Per the Lake Hopatcong Water Level Management Plan the annual drawdown will begin on Lake Hopatcong on December 7, 2016. This year Hopatcong State Park personnel will drop the …

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LHC Meeting Recap – September 2016

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Monday, September 19, 2016, 7 p.m. Jefferson Township High School, Lake Hopatcong NOTE: As president of the Lake Hopatcong Foundation and, before that, as editor of Lake Hopatcong News, I have been at every LHC meeting for the last 7.5 years, covering them as stories for the News, taking notes as an observer for the …

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