Sweeney, Oroho, and Pennacchio come to Lake Hopatcong to talk long-term algae solutions

On Thursday, New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney visited Lake Hopatcong for the first time and called it a “jewel of New Jersey.” Alongside our local Senators Steve Oroho and Joe Pennacchio, the group toured the lake on the LHF Floating Classroom (many thanks to Captain Tom Bush and First Mate Larry Orlans for making the cruise possible!). While enjoying the beautiful day on the water, they conversed with folks from the Lake Hopatcong Commission, Princeton Hydro, Lake Hopatcong Foundation, and a number of journalists.

During the cruise, Sen. Sweeney said it was bittersweet to visit Lake Hopatcong after the recent loss of Sen. Anthony Bucco, who passed away suddenly on Monday. Sweeney said Bucco was a tireless champion of this beautiful natural resource, and that it was unfortunate that the late state senator was not there to join him.

Sweeney will soon be meeting with N.J. Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Catherine McCabe, and he said he will bring proposals for short- and long-term solutions for the lake to the table.

We are so grateful for the time the legislators took to visit the lake, the questions they asked and answered, and their collective commitment to do what they can to protect Lake Hopatcong.

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