Spring Cleaning That’s Safer for the Lake

With spring upon us and warmer weather headed our way, spring cleaning is bound to follow.  How do we clear out the cobwebs and spruce up our homes (and boats!) while protecting our health as well as the health of the lake we live on?  safe choice logo

Check out this post from the EPA’s Healthy Waters Blog for some great information on safer cleaning products: Safer Choice is a Great Choice for Clean Water

Safer products that work

The EPA’s Safer Choice Program helps consumers, businesses, and purchasers to find products that perform and are safer for human health and the environment,

Safer Choice is EPA’s label for cleaning and other products made with safer chemical ingredients. To be eligible for the label, a product must meet the Safer Choice Standard, which is green chemistry-focused and grounded in stringent human health and environmental criteria… Importantly, for products intended for use outdoors (bypassing the drain and sewage treatment, directly entering the environment), such as car and boat cleaners, Safer Choice has a higher bar to provide aquatic life with an extra margin of protection.

You can search products that meet the Safer Choice standard HERE.

As Kristian Blessington writes:
Labeled products are made with ingredients that, once they enter the local watershed, will break down more quickly through natural processes. The result: less pollution in streams, less contamination of the food chain, reduced impacts on water treatment facilities compared to conventional products, and less damage to the ecosystem.  This is something anglers, boaters, and beach-goes will appreciate.

Find out more about the U.S. EPA Safer Choice Program and always check for Safer Choice-labeled products for spring cleaning that’s safer for you and for the lake.

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