From my perspective the greatest value of the Lake Hopatcong Foundation is that it pulls so many different communities (Mt Arlington, Roxbury, Jefferson and Hopatcong) together around a singular cause, improving and preserving the Lake for future generations.  It’s one lake in four communities and two different counties so having the Lake Hopatcong Foundation to focus energy and attention on the one thing they all have in common, the Lake, is a great value.  Coming together for a common cause, what’s better than that. ~Barbara Kraus

There is a lot going on with the Lake Hopatcong Foundation. I enjoy being part of the movement , privileged to be on the team and I especially “LIKE” the annual block party. I hope it becomes another  “can’t miss event” each year.  Where else can a couple of thousand folks show up in one place, on one day, on the Lake and together enrich our sense of community. In everything we do , we endeavor to unite the four Lake towns and demonstrate (in many ways) to the public that despite sometimes different views on Lake topics,  we all are working together for the common good. The block party connects all four Lake towns and beyond, features small businesses, non-profits, talented entertainers, boat rides, train rides and something for everyone. A food court is like a TASTE OF LAKE HOPATCONG.  It is a celebration of Lake Life! The block party wouldn’t be possible without many, many volunteers saying “yes” to our call. The Lake community delivers with volunteers from every town offering their time and talents. It is heartwarming. More importantly it is fun to meet everyone and team up to deliver a fun, safe event that is good for EVERYONE! ~Captain Lee Moreau