Native Plants in the News

As spring approaches—Tuesday, March 21, to be exact—plans to host a native plant sale are beginning to sprout at the Lake Hopatcong Foundation. We’re targeting Saturday, May 6, from 9 am to 1 pm, at the Lake Hopatcong Train Station, 125 Landing Road in Landing, for the event. Attendees will not only have a chance to pick some native plants, they’ll get an opportunity to see the new tile roof on the station.

The advantages of having native plants are numerous, with clear benefits for our soil, waterways and wildlife. Apparently, they can also work small miracles. If you think it’s unimaginable that politicians will ever again be able to agree on anything unanimously, take note. The New Jersey Assembly did precisely that last month, passing State Bill 227 by a 69-0 count.

So, what does that have to do with native plants? Bill 227, which is now just the Governor’s signature away from becoming law, requires the State to use only native vegetation for landscaping, land management, reforestation, or habitat restoration.


This might be a good time to consider voting for a similar plan for your own yard. All it would require is your single vote to plant native plants exclusively, along with a decision to attend the LHF native plant sale in May, where we will have 26 different varieties of plants all native to New Jersey!

LHF Native Plant Sale



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