Learning from New Jersey’s non-profit leaders

More than 600 representatives from non-profits across the state, including the Lake Hopatcong Foundation, came together on Wednesday for the New Jersey Non-Profit Conference in Somerset, hosted by the Center for Non-Profits. There, we had the chance to meet a variety of leaders in the industry, check out some impressive services available to the sector, and hear from state legislators about issues relevant to the non-profit sector.

In addition to providing insight into how to be heard in Trenton, State Senate Minority Leader Thomas Kean Jr. (R-21) and Assemblywoman Carol Murphy (D-7) discussed legislation they co-sponsored that would allow New Jersey taxpayers to deduct their charitable contributions to most New Jersey charities from their state income taxes. This is something that would, clearly, help encourage more financial support to the state’s charitable sector, which employs 10 percent of the state’s private workforce and provides essential programs and services, and pumps billions into the state economy. (To learn more, check out S-2179 (Kean/Singleton) and A-5464 (Murphy/Johnson/Webber).

We also had opportunities to learn about trends in philanthropy; tips for getting a grassroots message out; how to use data effectively; and ideas for improving teamwork, among other useful and interesting topics of discussion throughout the day.

More than anything, though, we had invaluable opportunity to check in with leaders from other non-profit groups, where we could share stories, collect insights, and explore collaboration possibilities. It was a special day, and a hopeful reminder of all the good that so many groups are doing on behalf of the residents of the state of New Jersey.