Lake Loop: 20-, 40-, or 62-Mile Bike Rides

The Lake Loop 2019 bike course will go clockwise around the lake and consist of approximately 20 miles of rolling terrain. This is a great course for experienced cyclists, weekend warriors, or riders who want to stretch their legs and enjoy the ride. As the name suggests, this route loops the lake and offers many lake views that you can truly appreciate from a bike. Along the way you can also appreciate some of the amazing homes and historic sites as you ride.

If you are an experienced cyclist who is looking for more of a challenge, the 40- and 62-mile courses include a hilly extension added to the 20-mile course. You’ll enjoy the same amazing scenery while challenging yourself with the additional mileage as well as the more difficult terrain.

Maps, cue sheets, stocked rest stops, SAG support, and fully marked routes are provided. No trikes or training wheeled bicycles allowed. Helmets are required.

62-Mile / 40-Mile / 20-Mile

20-mile cue sheet       40-mile cue sheet        62-mile cue sheet

If you’re interested in the history of the area, you can check out the different sites listed in the Historical Cyling Tour of Lake Hopatcong below

Historical Bike Tour INFO

STRAVA timed hill climbs

We will be accommodating our more competitive riders by offering the chance to have a couple of timed hill climbs along the route.  Strava will be used to keep track of the timed segments on the day of the event. You will need to sign up for Strava (which is free), download their app, and record and upload your ride on the day of the event.

Join the lake loop Strava group

Just for clarification, this event is NOT a race, there will be no overall timing for completing the whole route with the fastest time. There is no hurry to burn through the course, you can win AND have a relaxing scenic fun ride complete with rest stops. The awards will be based only on the lowest cumulative times for a few selected hill climbs along the way.

Expertise Necessary

20-mile course – Average Recreational Cyclist – Beyond just bike riding in your neighborhood, but most average, fit people who are comfortable on the bike can finish easily.

40-mile course – Challenge for Average Person: If you can do the 20-mile, and you have ridden these distances in the past, you can challenge yourself with the 40-mile option.

60-mile course – Experienced Cyclist: Includes all the hills plus 20 additional miles of very scenic terrain.

A tiny taste of the Lake Loop bike route

Lake Loop 2019

Lake Loop 2019 offers participants bike, run and paddle challenges on Sunday, October 13 at Hopatcong State Park.  Enjoy breathtaking views of beautiful Lake Hopatcong while participating in one, two or all three events in support of New Jersey’s largest lake. Come challenge yourself and then relax while enjoying great local food, a beer tent (permit #72563), live entertainment and more!

Find more information about Lake Loop HERE.

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