Video – Lake Hopatcong is open for business

Since late June, Lake Hopatcong has been experiencing an unprecedented lake-wide algal bloom. In response to the algal bloom, DEP issued an advisory against swimming and watersports, which has been in place for all or most of the lake since June 27, 2019.   The algal bloom and the advisory have hit the Lake Hopatcong region businesses and communities hard, as tourism has drastically decreased.  In addition, early messaging and news stories characterized the advisory as a “closure of the lake,” instead of an advisory against swimming and water sports, causing confusion and further devastating the number of people choosing to visit the lake for other recreational opportunities.

So when Lake Hopatcong Foundation Chairman Marty Kane met Rae Hartwell on a flight, it seemed like fate. Rae, a filmmaker and photojournalist, offered to donate the filming services of her organization, WildLogica, and together they set out to create a video to tell the story of the algal bloom, the efforts being made to improve the situation, and most importantly, to help spread the word that Lake Hopatcong is still open for business, boating, and more.  Please feel free to share!

For more information about the DEP advisory on Lake Hopatcong CLICK HERE

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At the date of this posting the current advisory is as follows:

8-1-2019 – The DEP advisory remains in effect for all areas of the lake except Indian Harbor and Henderson Cove.

The DEP urges the public to avoid swimming or water sports that may result in contact with the water, such as water-skiing, tubing, canoeing, paddleboarding, and kayaking. There is no recommended limitation on fishing or passive recreational boating that does not have the potential for splashing. However, fish caught should not be eaten. The public is further advised that pets should not be allowed in the water or to drink it.

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