Gauging interest in a Lake-Friendly Certification Program

We need your input

Last week we released a Lake-Friendly Living Guide, which is packed with tips and strategies to help protect Lake Hopatcong. Our goal was to ensure that residents, visitors, and businesses understand that each decision and action can help protect Lake Hopatcong now and for decades to come. Moving forward, we would like to gauge the public’s interest in a possible Lake-Friendly Certification Program. The program would be designed by the Foundation as a way for homeowners to receive a certification placard for reaching a certain level of lake-friendly living, which they can proudly display to encourage others to also do what they can to promote a clean and healthy lake environment. If you live around Lake Hopatcong, please take a moment to fill out the survey linked below (by Tuesday, December 3) to help us in determining the future of a Lake-Friendly Certification Program. Thanks in advance!


Download the guide

Lake-friendly living isn’t just for those who live on the shores of Lake Hopatcong. Stormwater flows into the lake from the hillsides all around it, carrying soil, nutrients, salt, pollution, and other items that are detrimental to our water quality. Everyone in our watershed makes daily decisions that can affect our lake. From deciding whether or not to fertilize your lawn, how to pave your driveway with pervious pavement, or what new dishwasher to buy, there are many different ways to live lake-friendly. Lake-friendly living isn’t about giving anything up, it’s about finding what works for you and what works to protect our lake.

Below is a PDF you can download or print to help guide you in taking positive steps in protecting the water quality of our beautiful lake as well as your property values!

Lake-Friendly Living Guide PDF

This Lake-Friendly Living Guide and posts were funded through a grant from The Watershed Institute.