Public Safety Information for Lake Hopatcong


New Jersey Boating Law

New Jersey Boating Law

New Jersey Boating Regulations

Title 13. Chapter 64 [pdf-14kb]

Title 13. Chapter 82 [pdf-170kb]

Title 13. Chapter 61 [pdf-44kb]

New Jersey State Police Maritime Security Initiative

Important Lake Safety Numbers:

NJ State Marine Police (Lake Hopatcong Station) 973-663-3400
Morris County Park Police 973-326-7654
Mt. Arlington Borough Police  973-398-2129
Roxbury Township Police  973-448-2100
Hopatcong Borough Police  973-398-5000
Jefferson Township Police  973-697-1300
Lee’s County Park Marina  973-398-5199
Hopatcong State Park  973-398-7010
WARNDEP Hotline  1-877-927-6337

Ice Retardant System Ordinances

Ice retardant systems can be very effective in protecting your docks and lakefront property.  However, care must be taken to make sure that the lake is still safe for recreational users.  Each of the towns surrounding Lake Hopatcong have laws in place that regulate the use of ice retardant systems. It is important to be knowledgeable of your town’s rules and codes. Please make sure to follow all requirements and proper operating procedures in order to protect public safety.

Borough of Hopatcong Ice Retardant System Ordinance

Borough of Hopatcong Code Book

Jefferson Township Ice Retardant System Ordinance

Jefferson Township Code Book

Mt. Arlington Borough Ice Retardant System Ordinance

Mt. Arlington Borough Code Book

Roxbury Township Ice Retardant System Ordinance

Roxbury Township Code Book