Keep to the trail (please!)

The Lake Hopatcong Trail is an exciting way to bring the community together while giving a new recreational opportunity to those who live around and visit Lake Hopatcong. As many of you know, there are 10 miles blazed of what we hope will be a 40-mile trail encircling the lake in the years ahead.

Parts of the existing trail run through private property, including Hudson Farm and Weldon Quarry. We are very grateful that the owners of the land in these stretches of property have graciously allowed hikers to navigate the trail through their properties. With that in mind, we’d like to remind hikers that they should always remain ON the blazed trail, and not venture off into these private properties. (In the case of Hudson Farm, there is the very real risk of entering an area where shooting is going on, and in the case of Weldon Quarry, hikers could potentially cross paths with hired police officers who could prosecute for trespassing.)

Again, we are very enthusiastic about this initiative and looking forward to seeing hundreds of individuals, couples, families, and other groups using and enjoying the Lake Hopatcong Trail. But in order for it to be possible, we need to remember to respect the property rights of the private landowners who have allowed for the trail to be used on their properties.

To be a part of the trail program, sign up to volunteer here: Thanks in advance!

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