Information About the Annual Lake Hopatcong Drawdown

The NJ State Park Service has requested we share the following information. Please note: the foundation has no control over the water level at Lake Hopatcong.

hopatcong-state-park-dam“Per the Lake Hopatcong Water Level Management Plan the annual drawdown will begin on Lake Hopatcong on December 7, 2016. This year Hopatcong State Park personnel will drop the lake 22 inches as part of a pilot project effort to assist in lake refill in the Spring which will bring the lake level down to 7.1 feet. Also note that after reaching 22 inches, due to State drought warning in effect, the outflow will be reduced from 12 cubic feet per second (c.f.s.) to 8 c.f.s. As always, State Park personnel will carefully monitor this drawdown.”



As of December 8, 2016 the current lake level is at 7.54 feet according to the USGS site.

For clarification: the “22-inch drawdown” is measured from a starting gauge height of 9 feet, in other words, the 22-inch drawdown will reduce the water level at the gauge to 7.1 feet. Since the current lake level is at 7.5 feet as of today (December 8, 2016), only an additional 0.4 feet, or roughly 5 inches, will be drawn down.


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