What does the Foundation do and where will the proceeds go?

Water Quality/Hydrology Team: Administers water quality and water monitoring grants; Plans lake clean-ups; Conducts homeowner education programs; Trains and administers Water Scouts to locate invasive species such as water chestnuts so that they can be removed.

Police and Emergency Team: Created and administering a dock numbering program to improve emergency response times and safety on Lake Hopatcong; concluded an agreement with New Jersey State Police and Morris County Sheriff’s Office which adds patrols each summer during critical hours.

Education: Created and administering program to teach fourth graders from the surrounding lake communities about Lake Hopatcong’s environment during a half day at Hopatcong State Park which includes instruction while on boats, macro invertebrate sampling, a nature hike, and more; Awards two $1,000 annual scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are pursuing studies in lake-related fields.

Local Beautification and Historical Renovation: Restoring the iconic Lake Hopatcong Train Station building to serve as a community and environmental center as well as the new office of the Lake Hopatcong Foundation.

Recreational Trails Team: Working with the four surrounding municipalities to create a 40+ mile Lake Hopatcong Trail which will circle the lake and offer recreational activities for all ages and levels of difficulty. The first part of the trail in Hopatcong is underway through DEP trail grant.

Lake Hopatcong Community Building: In addition to staging the annual Lake Hopatcong Block Party the foundation hosts the annual Lake Loop (a cycling, walking/running, paddling event) for the community; Conducts an Advocacy program to educate officials about the lake; Organizes a Shop Local promotion every July to encourage shoppers to support businesses in the four lake towns.