Create a Theme For Your Friendraiser

The best thing about hosting a Friendraiser is that the party is exactly how you want it to be. Intimate dinner, paint and sip, a day in the sun with friends, the world is your oyster, to host as you please.

Becky Rubenstein and Patty Everett recently hosted a Lake Themed Friendraiser, complete with boats for folks to hang out on, a canoe filled with delicious food and twinkling lights for guests to relax under as the sun set.

With Halloween just around the corner, perhaps you could throw an old school All Hallow’s Eve gathering. 

Set up your party as a Carnival and collect a dollar donation to bob for apples…for a quarter a throw, guests can try and knock down a tower of boxes…five bucks to have their fortune told.

Gather your neighbors and set up a haunted house across two or three front lawns. Have guests give donations to their favorite monsters. Or hold a Halloween Fashion Show. One dollar per vote for the best costume. Need more ideas? Contact us and thanks for helping to continue the work we do.

A “Friendraiser” is an opportunity to get together with friends, neighbors and colleagues while raising awareness and funds for the Lake Hopatcong Foundation. Instead of bringing a beverage or a dessert, guests make a contribution to Lake Hopatcong Foundation.friendraiser

The guest list, theme and menu are entirely up to you. Past Friendraisers have been dinners, BBQ, cocktail parties, luncheons, murder-mystery evenings, birthday bashes, casino events, retro parties, ladies’ nights, paint and sip parties and other themed evenings.

If you are passionate about the work that the Lake Hopatcong Foundation is doing and you want to host a Friendraiser, contact Jennifer DeWitt for more details or 973-663-2500.


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