Courtesy Patrols – Be Considerate, Be Safe

On a courtesy patrol, (left to right) Marty Kane, Tony Barone and Brian Goode help to spread the word about the “Lake Hopatcong for All” guidelines. Judy Caruso, Bill Hirschfeld, Larry Orlans, Becky Rubenstein and Germaine Zhang have also assisted with patrols.

Last year, the LHF was able to work with homeowners and various recreational groups at the lake to draft a voluntary set of guidelines, “Lake Hopatcong for All.”  While the language addresses general boating courtesies at the lake, it was largely written with Byram Cove in mind and its enormous popularity on summer weekends. Over the past summer and a half the LHF has been conducting courtesy patrols of Byram Cove on as many busy Saturdays and Sundays as possible to ensure boaters and homeowners are aware of these guidelines and why they were drafted.  While not perfect, all signs indicate that there has been a much better relationship in Byram Cove among all users.  The key has been to establish a navigation perimeter to allow boats to safely maneuver around the cove and to allow for some personal space for homeowners.  Boaters have also been largely receptive to self-policing the volume of music.  Thanks to all of your cooperation to date and please continue to work with us to share the lake and demonstrate respect to all so that everyone can enjoy their time here.

Lake Hopatcong for All

Lake Hopatcong for All PDF

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