Boat Regulation Commission Meeting coming to Lake Hopatcong

The N.J. Boat Regulations Commission will be holding its July meeting on Lake Hopatcong. Members of the public are welcome to attend at 10 a.m. on July 11 at the Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club (75 N Bertrand Ave, Mt. Arlington). This will be a great opportunity for boaters of northern New Jersey to attend a meeting scheduled in a non-shore location for the first time in years.

Ahead of the meeting, the BRC asked the Lake Hopatcong Foundation to convene a group of stakeholders to review the current set of regulations for Lake Hopatcong, which haven’t been updated in decades, to see if there were any revisions or clarifications might need to be made.We did so earlier this month, bringing together a collegial and collaborative group that represented various interests around the lake, and the following statement is what the group has submitted to the BRC for review:

“Based upon guidance at the May BRC meeting the LHF brought together a group of stakeholders to review the current set of regulations for Lake Hopatcong, as they have not been updated in quite some time. These stakeholders included representatives from the Lake Hopatcong Sail and Power Squadron, the Lake Hopatcong Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Knee Deep Club, the Antique Boat Club, the Lake Hopatcong Commission, local officials, and marina owners, to ensure different forms of lake users were represented.

“The group concluded that, by and large, the regulations pertaining to Lake Hopatcong were still appropriate as written. It was felt that the restriction pertaining to pulling no more than two skiers (§ 13:82-3.11(b)) needed to be modernized and changed to not pulling more than two ski lines to encompass all the other recreational activities involving ropes. This particular provision should also be amended to include the same weekend hours that are included in § 13:82-3.11(a). There was also indication that the locations referred to as ‘Henderson Cove’ and ‘Woodport Cove’ should be further defined as there is confusion among the local population.

“Many thanks to the BRC for this suggestion and opportunity.”

If you have any thoughts of your own about Lake Hopatcong boating regulations that could be updated or changed, there will be opportunity for public comment at the July 11 meeting. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

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