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An archive of news and articles about the Lake Hopatcong Foundation from local press and other publications.


Morris County, NJ, June 23, 0217Lake Hopatcong Volunteers Removing Invasive Water Chestnut Plants

Morris County, NJ, June 6, 2017, Lake Hopatcong Foundation Posts Voluntary Rules for Responsible Boating

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, May 17, 2017, Lake Hopatcong Foundation – Annual Meeting

New Jersey Herald, May 4, 2017, Sale of N.J. native plants to benefit Lake Hopatcong train station restoration

Daily Record, May 2, 2017, Lake Hopatcong Block Party coming next week

Roxbury Register, May 1, 2017, Lake Hopatcong Block Party schedule set for Saturday, May 13

The Jefferson Chronicle, April 28, 2017, Lake Hopatcong Foundation Offers Scholarships

Roxbury Register, April 21, 2017, 400 cubic yards of ‘muck’ raked from lake

TAPInto Roxbury, April 19, 2017, A Scholarship for Graduates with Lake Hopatcong Connections

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, April 19, 2017, Graduating Seniors with a Lake Hopatcong Connection Can Win $1,000 Scholarships

Roxbury Register, April 19, 2017, Lake Hopatcong Foundation offers $1,000 scholarships

Daily Record, April 18, 2017, Floating classroom may sail on Lake Hopatcong

TAPInto Roxbury, April 17, 2017 Vote to Help Lake Hopatcong Group Get Floating Classroom

Roxbury Register, April 17, 2017, Lake Hopatcong Foundation applies for Floating Classroom grant

TAPInto Roxbury, April 17, 2017, Celebrate Earth Day with Community Cleanup and Lots of Native Plants

The Jefferson Chronicle, April 15, 2017, Help the Lake Hopatcong Foundation Win a $100,000 Grant, Vote Now

TAPInto Roxbury, April 14, 2017, In Roxbury, Lake Hopatcong Muck Gets Gardeners’ Attention

New Jersey Hills Media Group, April 11, 2017, EDITORIAL: Growing tradition

Roxbury Register, April 8, 2017, Growing ‘Block Party’ back at Lake Hopatcong May 13

Roxbury Register, April 8, 2017, Lake foundation’s activities detailed

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, April 7, 2017, LHF – Lake Loop Early Bird Price Good Till April 15

TAPInto Roxbury, April 6, 2017, Lake Hopatcong Block Party Just Around Corner

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, April 6, 2017, Lake Hopatcong Foundation’s 4th Annual Block Party – Is Just Around the Corner

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, March 31, 2017, Lake Hopatcong Block Party 2017 – With Bridge Marina Boat Rides

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, March 31, 2017, LHF: Two $1,000 Scholarships for Graduating High School Seniors

Roxbury Register, March 20, 2017, EDITORIAL: Expected demise

The Sparta Independent, March 7, 2017: Lake Hopatcong block party nearly sold out

TAPInto Roxbury, March 7, 2017: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Night Out at Glassers Seafood & Steakhouse on March 31, 2017

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, March 6, 2017: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Night out – March 31, 2017

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, March 2, 2017: Lake Hopatcong Foundation provides informative update to the Hopatcong Borough Council

The Jefferson Chronicle, March 2, 2017: Lake Hopatcong Block Party Booths Available

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, February 27, 2017: Pizza Wars 2017 Awards Ceremony – Raising funds for the Lake Hopatcong Foundation

Roxbury Register, February 23, 2017: Landing train station roof restored to original form

Roxbury Register, February 17, 2017:  Mount Arlington schools land $10K grant

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, February 14, 2017: Pizza Wars 2017 – And The Winner Is…

New Jersey Herald, February 13, 2017: Hopatcong Scout earns Eagle rank

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, February 12, 2017: Lake Hopatcong Dodges Tough Legislation – Based upon Gentleman’s Agreement Code of Conduct

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, February 12, 2017: New Proposed Code of Conduct – Lake Hopatcong for All

Roxbury Register, February 9, 2017: ‘Code of Conduct’ proposed for Lake Hopatcong

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, February 8, 2017: Hopatcong Lake Region – Pizza Wars 2017

Roxbury Register, February 6, 2017: EDITORIAL: Follow the code

Daily Record, February 2, 2017: Lake Hopatcong fishing, party restrictions scrapped

Roxbury Register, January 21, 2017: Lake Hopatcong Foundation plans fourth annual block party

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, January 19, 2017: Lake Hopatcong Foundation’s 4th Annual Block Party Set for May 13, 2017

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, January 13, 2017: Seeking Volunteers for the Biggest Lake Hopatcong Party

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, January 3, 2017:  Hopatcong Dental Associates – Gives to the Community and the Lake Hopatcong Foundation 

Hopatcong Lake Regional News, January 1, 2017: Pizza Wars 2017 – Voting now open: The Quest for the Best to benefit local Charity


Hopatcong Lake Regional News, December 30, 2016: Your Membership helps drive the Lake Hopatcong Foundation (Part 3)
Hopatcong Lake Regional News, December 26, 2016: Pizza Wars Sponsors Finalized To Support Lake Hopatcong Foundation
Hopatcong Lake Regional News, December 22, 2016: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Plans for 2017 (Part 2)
Hopatcong Lake Regional News, December 12, 2016: Announcing the 1st Annual Pizza Wars for the Hopatcong Lake Region
Hopatcong Lake Regional News, December 11, 2016: Lake Hopatcong Foundation battles the biggest threats to Lake Hopatcong (Part 1)
Fios 1 News Push Pause: Lake Loop video
TAPinto Roxbury, December 1, 2016: Roxbury Eyes Little Lake Hopatcong Peninsula, State Says “Go For It”
Satellite Press, November 17, 2016:  Lake Hopatcong Foundation Focuses on Educational Endeavors for Giving Tuesday – November 29, 2016
Hopatcong Lake Regional News, November 14, 2016: Remember Lake Hopatcong Foundation on Giving Tuesday
My Paper Online, November 2, 2016: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Night Out At Upstream Grille
New Jersey Herald, November 2, 2016: Lake Hopatcong Foundation holding ‘night out’ Sunday
Hopatcong Lake Regional News, November 2, 2016: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Night Out at Upstream Grille on November 6, 2016
TAPInto Roxbury, October 26, 2016: Roxbury Left Holding the Weeds from a 19th Century Steamboater Battle
TAPInto Roxbury, October 24, 2016: Tile Plant Snafu Delays Clay Roof at Historic Roxbury Station
Roxbury Register, October 22, 2016:  Roxbury hesitant on muck raking at Lake Hopatcong
TAPInto Denville, October 18, 2016 Impact 100 Garden State Announces Seven Finalists; Welcomes Wendy Steele as Keynoter
Roxbury Register, October 17, 2016: ‘Lake Loop’ Was Bang Up Success In Roxbury Township
New Jersey Herald, October 11, 2016: Cycling at Lake Loop 2016
Hopatcong Lake Regional News, October 9, 2016: Light Rain Doesn’t Slow Down Lake Loop 2016
Daily Record, September 18, 2016: ‘Loop’ Around Lake Hopatcong Set For Next Month
Broadway World, September 14, 2016: Fourth Annual “Lake Loop” Returns To Hopatcong State Park in NJ, 10/9
Roxbury Register, September 10, 2016: Lake group head heads back to school
Hopatcong Lake Regional News, September 7, 2016: Lake Hopatcong Foundation -Welcomes Holly Odgers To the Team
Daily Record, August 25, 2016: Water Workouts, Fitness On Lake Hopatcong
New Jersey Herald, August 24, 2016: Lake Hopatcong Foundation’s Murphy Steps Down
My Paper Online, June 30, 2016: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Encourages Shopping Locally
Roxbury Register, June 20, 2016: Lake Foundation Sponsors ‘Shop Local’ Campaign
Roxbury Register, June 11, 2016: Novelty License Plates Garners $1K For Lake Hopatcong
Roxbury Register, June 11, 2016: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Plans Annual Gala and Auction 
AIM Jefferson, May 20, 2016: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Block Party Held
Roxbury Register, May 10, 2016: Without a Hitch?
Roxbury Register, May 9, 2016: Despite Rain, Hundreds Fete Lake Hopatcong
Roxbury Register, May 3, 2016: Editorial See You Saturday
Roxbury Register, April 23 2016: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Encouraging Litter Pick-up
New Jersey Herald, April 20, 2016: Block Party To Celebrate State’s Largest Lake
AIM Jefferson, April 15, 2016: Lake Hopatcong Foundation’s 3rd Annual Block Party Will Celebrate New Jersey’s Largest Lake
Daily Record, April 12, 2016: Local Hopatcong Block Party Coming In May
New Jersey Hills Media, March 29, 2016: Scavenger Hunt, Trivia Planned For Third Annual Block Party
AIM Jefferson, March 11, 2016: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Night Out at Lake House NJ on March 11
New Jersey Herald, February 19, 2016: Federal Grants To Help Trails
New Jersey Hills, February 16, 2016: Block Party At Lake Hopatcong In Planning Stages
New Jersey Herald, January 28, 2016: Lake Hopatcong Petition Gaining Momentum
The Star-Ledger, January 22, 2016: Weeds ruining Lake Hopatcong, advocates say
AIM Jefferson, January 22, 2016: Petition tops 1,000 signatures urges legislators to make 2016 the ‘year of Lake Hopatcong’
4imprint, The Lake Hopatcong Foundation, January 21, 2016: one by one story
Roxbury Register, January 20, 2016: Petition Calling For State Action On Lake Hopatcong Catching One
Roxbury Register, January 7, 2016: Lake Hopatcong Foundation promotes petition to save lake
TAPIntoRoxbury, January 6, 2016:  Petition Drive: Lake Hopatcong Choking on Weeds and it’s the State’s Fault

2015, December 1, 2015: Lake Hopatcong Train Station Selling Roof Tiles
Daily Record, November 30, 2015: Lake Hopatcong Train Station Selling Roof Tiles
New Jersey Herald, November 30, 2015: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Seeks Roof Tile Donations
Roxbury Register, November 23, 2015: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Set To Fete ‘Giving Tuesday’ on December 1
AIM Jefferson, North, November 20, 2015: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Will Raise the Roof On Giving Tuesday, December 1
World News Network, November 20, 2015: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Will Raise the Roof On Giving Tuesday, December 1
AIM Jefferson, North, November 6, 2015: LHF, Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum Working Together For Food Donation Events
Roxbury Register, November 3, 2015: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Hosts Food Drives
New Jersey Herald, November 6, 2015: Lake Hopatcong Groups Team Up for Food Drive
Roxbury Register, October 31, 2015:  College students will landscape Landing Train Station
BBC London Limited Ltd., November 2, 2015: Lake Hopatcong Foundation and the Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum Are Working Together to Hold Food Drives for Area Churches
Daily Record, October 28, 2015: CCM Students Transforming Lake Hopatcong Train Station
Star-Ledger, October 15, 2015:  New weed remedies and 40-mile trail on the horizon at Lake Hopatcong
New Jersey Herald, October 11, 2015:  230 people bike, walk, boat to benefit Lake Hopatcong Foundation
Aim Jefferson, October 9, 2015:  Third annual Lake Hopatcong ‘Lake Loop’ gives participants chance to bike, run, or paddle
New Jersey Herald, September 26, 2015:  Lake Loop set for Oct. 11 at Hopatcong State Park
Aim Jefferson, September 25, 2015:  Weed harvesting season on Lake Hopatcong extended nearly six weeks
Roxbury Register, September 21, 2015: Lake Hopatcong Foundation finalist to split $205,000 grant – ‘Impact 100’ finalists are named
Roxbury Register, September 16, 2015:  Lake Hopatcong Foundation gains grants to restore Roxbury Train Station
Daily Record, September 7, 2015:  Bike, run, paddle for Lake Hopatcong
Jefferson Aim, August 21, 2015:  LHF, Jefferson extending weed harvest season
Daily Record, August 17, 2015:  Weed harvest extended on Lake Hopatcong
New Jersey Herald, August 16, 2015:  Lake Hopatcong weed harvest continues
TAPintoRoxbury, August 13, 2015:  Donations Allow Another Month of Lake Hopatcong Weed Removal
Jefferson Aim, August 7, 2015:  Morris County issues historic preservation grant for Lake Hopatcong train station, August 6, 2015:  Historic Lake Hopatcong train station renovations to begin this fall (PHOTOS)
New Jersey Herald, August 5, 2015:  Lake Hopatcong Foundation celebrates its purchase of Landing train station
TapIntoRoxbury, August 3, 2015:  Burgers and Big Checks at Lake Hopatcong Foundation Barbeque
Roxbury Register, July 17, 2015:  Editorial – Great project
Jefferson Aim:  July 17, 2015:  LHF awarded grant from County Historic Preservation Trust
New Jersey Herald, July 14, 2015:  Lake Hopatcong Foundation awarded nearly $200K for train station project
Daily Record, July 4, 2015:  Prizes for shopping local around Lake Hopatcong
Aim Jefferson, July 3, 2015:  Shop Local — Lake Hopatcong’s month-long promotion begins
New Jersey Herald, July 3, 2015:  ‘Shop Local’ program uses social media, targets towns around Lake Hopatcong
TapIntoRoxbury, July 1, 2015: Win Gift Cards: Share Your Lake Hopatcong Area Shopping Trip
Roxbury Register, June 5, 2015: Lake Hopatcong group plans gala auction fundraiser, ‘Lake Loop’
Daily Record, May 9, 2015:  Lake Hopatcong kicks off summer with Block Party
New Jersey Herald, June 10, 2015:  Block party celebrates the lake
Daily Record, April 30, 2015:  Lake Hopatcong Foundation offers 2 scholarship to graduating seniors
Roxbury Register, April 30, 2015:  Plethora of foods planned for block party
NJ Herald, April 30, 2015: Lake Hopatcong group offering scholarships
NJ Herald, April 27, 2015: Block Party to be a celebration of Lake Hopatcong
Jefferson Aim, April 24, 2015:  Lake Hopatcong Foundation signs architectural firm for Landing Train Station
Roxbury Register, April 24, 2015: Lake foundation, Roxbury look to spruce up Landing, “Streetscaping Committee is formed
The Advertiser News, April 22, 2015: Train station preservation effort under way in Lake Hopatcong
AIM Jefferson, April 17, 2015: Lake Hopatcong Block Party to celebrate NJ’s largest lake
Roxbury Register, April 17, 2015: Bigger, better ‘Block Party’ slated in Roxbury
Aim Jefferson, April 10, 2015:  Lake Hopatcong Foundation wins BoatUS Grassroots Grants worth $7,500
Roxbury Register, April 7, 2015:  Lake Hopatcong Foundation wins BoatUS grant
New Jersey Sunday Herald, April 5, 2015:  Water Quality Grant announcement
Daily Record, April 2, 2015: Lake Hopatcong wins grant in BoatUS contest
Randolph Reporter, March 26, 2015: Second annual Lake Hopatcong Block Party set for May 9
NJ Herald, March 24, 2015: “Cheer” for Lake Hopatcong
Daily Record, March 23, 2015:  Lake Hopatcong in tight race with Lake George in final days of grant vote
NJ Herald, March 22, 2015: Lake groups compete for grant to aid environment
Roxbury Register, March 18, 2015:  Vote for Lake Hopatcong in Boat US grant competition
Daily Record: March 16, 2015:  Lake Hopatcong battles Lake George for grant
Aim Jefferson,  March 13, 2015:  Lake report card should make data easier to grasp
Lake Hopatcong News, March 11, 2015: Lake Hopatcong Foundation needs your vote, March 11, 2015: How to use a mouse to fight bad plants in Lake Hopatcong
BYM News and Magazine:  March 11, 2015:  Boaters: Vote today for your favorite Safe or Clean Boating Grant idea
Roxbury Register, January 29, 2015;  Two local non-profits to share $10K award to promote water quality
Aim Jefferson, January 23, 2015:  Groups partner on Lake Hopatcong planning survey
The Warren Report, January 22, 2015:  Two local nonprofits to share $10,000 award to promote water quality
ANJEC Report, Winter 2015:  Floating wetlands islands to improve water quality at Lake Hopatcong
New Jersey Herald, January 20, 2015:  What’s up, docks? Lake Hopatcong has 2,183 of them.
Daily Record, January 19, 2015:  Drew students release survey on Lake Hopatcong docks
Lake Hopatcong News, January 16, 2015:  DEP, Drew University and Lake Hopatcong Foundation complete lake dock survey
NJDEP, January 15, 2015: DEP partners with Drew University and Lake Hopatcong Foundation on a milestone survey of Lake Hopatcong Docks


Lake Hopatcong News, November 24, 2014: Throngs of volunteers help with Lake Hopatcong Train Station cleanup
Daily Record, November 23, 2014:Lake Hopatcong Foundation lands in new Landing home
NJ Herald, November 23, 2014: Keeping Lake Hopatcong history alive, November 17, 2014: Lake Hopatcong Train Station will be restored, become nonprofit’s HQ
Daily Record, November 10, 2014: Lake Hopatcong Train Station Reborn
NJ Herald, November 8, 2014: New Home for Lake Hopatcong Foundation
Lake Hopatcong News, November 7, 2014: Lake Hopatcong Foundation purchases historic train station
Aim Jefferson, October 24, 2014, Lake Hopatcong Foundation improves public safety on lake
Roxbury Register, October 22, 2014, Walking all the way around Lake Hopatcong may be a possibility soon
Roxbury Register, October 17, 2014 , Lake Hopatcong Foundation paid for summer police patrols on lake
Aim Jefferson, October 14, 2014, Foundation goal is creation of trail that circles Lake Hopatcong
Daily Record, September 25, 2014, Sustainable Morristown, Grassroots fete award winners at “Sunday Supper” event
The Star-Ledger, July 13, 2014, Floating wetland islands installed at Lake Hopatcong to prevent algae growth
Daily Record, July 10, 2014, Lake Hopatcong installs floating wetland islands to help curb algae growth
Lake Hopatcong News, July 10, 2014, Floating wetland islands installed on Lake Hopatcong
New Jersey Herald, July 2, 2014, Floating Islands to protect Lake Hopatcong from algae…
Roxbury Register, June 10, 2014, Lake Hopatcong Foundation wins two awards for cleanup
Lake Hopatcong News, June 11, 2014:  Invasive Water Chestnut plants found in Lake Hopatcong
Star-Ledger, May 25, 2014: Fishermen’s group fights shortfall by stocking Lake Hopatcong with trout
New Jersey Hills Media Group, May 16, 2014: EDITORIAL: Kicking off summer in style
Daily Record, May 11, 2014:  First Lake Hopatcong block party: Launching a new tradition
New Jersey Herald, May 11, 2014: Lake Hopatcong communities bond at inaugural block party
New Jersey Herald, May 9, 2014: All is ready for Lake Hopatcong Block Party
NJ.Com, May 9, 2014:  Lake Hopatcong Block Party to feature food, art, lake fun and more
Daily Record, April 17, 2014:  Hopatcong Foundation Hosts First Block Party
Roxbury Register, April 17, 2014 Renowned artist will paint scene of Lake Hopatcong in Roxbury
New Jersey Herald, April 15, 2014:  Inaugural Block Party to Bring Lake Hopatcong Community Together
Aim Jefferson, April 11, 2014:  Lake Hopatcong Foundation hosting block party to unite community
Roxbury Register, April 10, 2014: Antiques, Boats, Fly Fishing Highlight Lake’s “Block Party” Event in Roxbury Township
Jefferson Patch, April 6, 2014: Block Party Aims to Unite Lake Hopatcong Communities
Lake Hopatcong News, April 3, 2014: LHF Block Party Seeks More Vendors, Volunteers
Roxbury Register, March 5, 2014:Lake Hopatcong “Block Party” Planned for May 10 in Roxbury Township
AIM Jefferson, February 28, 2014:Jefferson Council Meeting Coverage (Block Party Announcement)
The Alternative Press, February 3, 2014: Ice Safety on Lake Hopatcong
The Green Knight Newsletter (Rutgers Cooperative Extension), February 2014: LHF Cleanup Recap (Page 2)
Lake Hopatcong News, January 28, 2014: LHF presents ice safety program
NJ Herald, January 26, 2014: Lake Hopatcong Foundation teaches students ice safety
AIM Jefferson, January 10, 2014: Lake Hopatcong Foundation enhances safety on lake with added patrols


NJ Herald, December 31, 2013: Extra Lake Hopatcong patrols improve safety during summer
Lake Hopatcong News, December 30, 2013: Added police patrols deemed successful
Roxbury Register, December 4, 2013: You name it, they throw it in the lake
Roxbury Register, November 26, 2013: Tires, cans, bikes, and a lawnmower pulled from the lake
NJ Herald, November 21, 2013: 23,000 pounds of debris pulled from Lake Hopatcong
Patch, November 13, 2013: Lake Hopatcong Cleanup draws 400+ volunteers
Lake Hopatcong News, November 10, 2013: Hundreds of volunteers clean Lake Hopatcong
Star-Ledger, November 12, 2013: Good weather and a big turnout help Lake Hopatcong cleanup
NJ Herald, November 10, 2013: Lake cleanup nets tires, other junk

AIM Jefferson, November 10, 2013: Divers help to clean Lake Hopatcong
Star-Ledger, November 3, 2013: More than 300 volunteers to walk Lake Hopatcong shoreline in debris cleanup effort
NJ Herald, October 28, 2013: Volunteers to clean up Lake Hopatcong
AIM Jefferson, October 18, 2013: Lake Hopatcong Foundation “Ride for the Lake” Fundraiser
Daily Record, October 9, 2013: Bike race around Lake Hopatcong set for Saturday
Lake George Mirror, October 4, 2013: New Jersey lake group looks to Lake George Association for guidance
Lake Hopatcong News, September 18, 2013: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Clay Shoot at Hudson Farm
Lake Hopatcong News, September 6, 2013: Volunteers needed for lake-wide cleanup
Jefferson Patch, August 22, 2013: Lake Hopatcong cleanup volunteers wanted
Lake Hopatcong News, August 5, 2013: LH Water Scouts help Swartswood Lake search
Daily Record, August 2, 2013: Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club hosts fundraiser
Lake Hopatcong News, July 28, 2013: Art auction raises money for LHF
Lake Hopatcong News, July 6, 2013: Friday night Fireworks lead to Saturday morning cleanup
AIM Jefferson, July 5, 2013: Lake Hopatcong Foundation launches new app to help inform lake boaters and residents
Daily Record, July 4, 2013: Scouting for water chestnuts to protect Lake Hopatcong
Daily Record, July 4, 2013: Rainy June leads to slow summer start for many Lake Hopatcong businesses
Lake Hopatcong News, July 1, 2013: Water Scouts patrol Landing Channel
AIM Jefferson, June 28, 2013: Jefferson residents urged to shop local throughout July
News12 New Jersey, June 27, 2013: Lake Hopatcong officials release smartphone app to increase tourism
Roxbury Register, June 20, 2013: Coming art auction will aid Lake Hopatcong
Star–Ledger, June 16, 2013: Lake Hopatcong Foundation spreads its wings with water chestnut prevention effort
Lake Hopatcong News, June 13, 2013: Water Scouts out and looking
New Jersey Herald, June 5, 2013: Water chestnuts threaten Lake Hopatcong
Lake Hopatcong News, June 2, 2013: LHF Mini Golf Fundraiser
Roxbury Register, May 30, 2013: ‘Restaurant Nights’ raise funds for Lake Hopatcong maintenance
Daily Record, May 27, 2013: Water Scouts fight for Lake Hopatcong, January 31, 2013: We’ll pay to beef up police presence on Lake Hopatcong, nonprofit says, January 7, 2013: Lake Hopatcong Foundation looks to new administrator to help bring in funds


Patch, July 26, 2012: Man donates $100K to help Lake Hopatcong
Star-Ledger, June 3, 2012: New Jersey roots pull N.Y. man to the aid of Lake Hopatcong, May 23, 2012: New nonprofit organization launches support Lake Hopatcong