A Laker’s Dozen: Why Fundraising and Membership Are Critical For Our Success

This is the ninth of 12 posts in our A Laker’s Dozen: 12 “Sweet” LHF Achievements from 2016 series – reflecting on and celebrating 2016 and the Lake Hopatcong Community.

Ah, money…

Moola. Dough. Cash. Coinage.

We all work hard to get it and then you have non-profits’s coming along asking you to part with it.

In less than five years, the Lake Hopatcong Foundation has firmly established itself as an organization that is able to embrace a plethora of initiatives and programs and work with a multitude of groups on projects that will, not only benefit Lake Hopatcong, but the environment at large. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears and, you guessed it, money.

For a small non-profit, we take every dollar that is given to us and use it to its maximum potential. We save them, stretch them and give great thought to how to best use each one. A dollar given to us today, will be spent on initiatives and then we need to generate new dollars.

That’s why fundraising efforts (such as our Lake Loop and LHF Night Out, to name just two) are so important. Equally important are the yearly memberships. Did you know that some of the grants we apply for require us to show how many members we have? And quite a few of the grants we receive require us to match those dollars? Without a solid membership base, we aren’t eligible for grants. If our fundraising events aren’t widely attended, we fall short on matching those grant funds.


How can you help?

Become a new member or renew your membership or give the gift of membership today!

Be part of a fundraising event.

Make a tribute gift in honor of or in memory of someone.

If you company matches employee donations, fill out the paperwork. You instantly double the dollars!

We are so thankful for all the individuals and companies that became members in 2016 or supported us through sponsorships and donations. When we talk about this past year, it brings a smile to our faces that so many people value what we do and want to preserve New Jersey’s largest lake.

The future is bright for the Lake Hopatcong Foundation as we approach our Five Year Anniversary. With your support, we can continue to expand our projects and programming for the benefit of Lake Hopatcong—a place where we work, play and live.

Look for the tenth post in our A Laker’s Dozen: 12 “Sweet” LHF Achievements from 2016 series on Giving Tuesday next week!


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