A Laker’s Dozen: A Giving Tuesday ReCap

This is the tenth of 12 posts in our A Laker’s Dozen: 12 “Sweet” LHF Achievements from 2016 series – reflecting on and celebrating 2016 and the Lake Hopatcong Community.


According to Giving Tuesday’s website, here’s how this year’s Giving Tuesday breaks down:

This year over 1,560,000 GIFTS
Raised online 168,000,000 DOLLARS
In over 98 COUNTRIES

Not too shabby for non-profits across the world.

We are very proud to say that raise 63% of our goal for this year (and there’s still time to give)!

It costs roughly $25.00 to send one student on our educational field trip. For this year’s Giving Tuesday, we asked that you sponsor a student (or several) so we can continue our educational outreach as well as expand the number of students wLHF - SS - Educationhose hearts and minds we can open up to the wonder that is Lake Hopatcong.

We wanted to extend the giving opportunity for this program until the end of the year because the best way to ensure a healthy lake in the future is to educate people today. New Jersey needs stewards of not just Lake Hopatcong, but also the broader environment.

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation aims to bring lake education (environment, history and safety) into local schools in the four towns surrounding the lake and we want to expand that reach in 2017.

Ready to give? It’s so easy on our website with our secure, embedded online credit card form.

All tapped out because of holiday shopping? No worries. We are always looking for teaching and non-teaching volunteers to help with our educational field trips. We’ll train you and you’ll instantly be providing a valuable service.

Our education team has created and coordinated full-day field trips for 4th graders at the Hopatcong State Park. During these trips, students get an opportunity to go on a boat ride to learn about lake geography and ecology, take a hike to learn the importance of trees and forests in lake health, view an EnviroScape® model to understand the sources and effects of water pollution, collect macroinvertebrate samples to determine the health of the water downstream of the dam, and participate in an optional guided tour of the Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum to learn about the lake’s history. The field trip lessons are tied into the Next Generation Science Standards, so the students will be applying what they learn about the environment in the classroom.

Look for the eleventh post in our A Laker’s Dozen: 12 “Sweet” LHF Achievements from 2016 series on Dock Numbers next week!

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