Show Your Support – Veteran’s Cruise to Set Sail Tomorrow

The Lake Hopatcong Cruises will once again be honoring local veterans with two complimentary veteran’s cruises that will set sail on Saturday, June 30 1 from 9 am to 10:30 am (Hopatcong and Jefferson) and again from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm (Mt. Arlington and Roxbury).  Each of the four towns that border the lake (Hopatcong, Jefferson, Mt. Arlington and Roxbury) were invited to nominate 24 veterans to attend a cruise on the Miss Lotta that will include tributes along the route from our lake community. Last year, veterans were celebrated with musical tributes, presentations and hundreds of lake residents and supporters on the shoreline waving flags and cheering thanks to those who have served our country.

We would like to extend our appreciation to our all our veterans and wish every one a wonderful and safe July 4th! (See below for a flyer, full details, and maps on the cruises below.)

Full details from Lee Moreau and the Lake Hopatcong Cruises:

Event Summary: Third Annual Miss Lotta Salute to Veterans Cruises

On behalf of Alice and Bela Szigethy and Chelsea Cone, Manager, Lake Hopatcong Cruises (Miss Lotta), it is our pleasure to offer a complementary cruise aboard Miss Lotta for Service Veterans in our four Lake Hopatcong border towns. Each town (Jefferson, Hopatcong, Roxbury and Mount Arlington) have nominated up to 24 Veterans for this Salute to Service. Tickets are not available to the general public for these two cruises. Reservations are made by contacting a designated representative from each town. Each Town provided Lake Hopatcong Cruises a by name list of their Veterans (for check in purposes).

DATE: 30 June 2018
Cruise # 1 Time: 9:00 am-10:30 am : Hopatcong (24) and Jefferson (24).
Cruise # 2 Time: 11:00 am -12:30 pm : Mount Arlington (24) and Roxbury (24).

The Fourth of July weekend is a perfect time of year to recognize the service of our Veterans . It is “the weekend” on the Lake (fireworks, picnics, etc) which means the largest number of the public (boaters, restaurants, beach clubs, lakefront homes) will have the opportunity to participate/show their appreciation to our Veterans that live in our Lake Community.

ROUTE: The cruises are 90 minutes. The planned route provides the public an opportunity to Salute The Veterans aboard Miss Lotta at predetermined locations. Attached is a route map of each cruise that includes the locations and approximate times of the cruise. The routes are slightly modified from 2017 to provide locations with safe & large observation areas with easier access for folks to participate. This year we will not repeat the same route on both cruises. Each cruise and route is focused on the two municipalities on board.

PUBLIC SHOW OF SUPPORT: We look forward to crowded shorelines with lots of Red, White and Blue and people waiving, cheering and saluting our Veterans. We were thrilled with the support from the shorelines in 2016 and 2017.

SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE & PARKING PLAN: Jefferson Township (Thanks) organized a shuttle bus service for Veterans starting at 8:15 am from American Legion Post 245 to the Miss Lotta parking lot at Nolan’s Point. This shuttle service helps reduce the number of cars on Nolan’s Point. The shuttle will support both cruises until conclusion of cruises.

Cruise 1 Hopatcong & Jefferson (departs dock at 9:00 am & returns at 10:30 am)
8:15 am FROM Post 245 TO Miss Lotta
8:30 am FROM Post 245 TO Miss Lotta
8:45 am FROM Post 245 TO Miss Lotta
10:35 am FROM Miss Lotta TO Post 245
10:50 am FROM Miss Lotta TO Post 245
11:05 am FROM Miss Lotta TO Post 245

Cruise 2 Mount Arlington & Roxbury (departs dock at 11:00 am & returns at 12:30 pm)
10:15 am FROM Post 245 TO Miss Lotta
10:30 am FROM Post 245 TO Miss Lotta Post 245
10:45 am FROM Post 245 TO Miss Lotta Post
12:35 pm FROM Miss Lotta TO Post 245
12:50 pm FROM Miss Lotta TO Post 245
1:05 pm FROM Miss Lotta TO Post 245

LIGHT LUNCH follows Cruise- AMERICAN LEGION Post 245 Esponong Road, Jefferson
Thanks to the American Legion, (Commander Tony Gross), the Jefferson Daughters of the American Revolution and the Jefferson PBA a light lunch will be provided to Veterans and their families (friends). This is a wonderful addition to the Salute as the American Legion Post 245 has the capacity to welcome the family and friends to enjoy lunch with their Veteran.


Ashley Shandra will be recognized at the Veterans lunch for her Girl Scout Gold Project.
Ashley did an outstanding job on her Gold Award stitching 100 pressure pillows for our wounded warriors at Walter Reed and Veterans. Her family will be in attendance.

Dunkin Donuts of Mount Arlington sponsors “coffee and donuts” for each cruise in support of the Veterans. Thank you Patty and Russ !

The Windlass donates “brunch” which includes a memorable Soldier favorite –“SOS”.

The Daughters of the American Revolution have creative a beautiful wreath that highlights the origins of each military branch.

Miss Lotta will post portions of the cruises while underway on FACEBOOK LIVE for everyone to witness the sense of community in support of our Veterans. This allows everyone to participate in all of the tributes from each shoreline.


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